Amazing Automatic Fish Processing Line - Incredible Skills

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watersprite Today, 01:37
Those cheating little Nipponese bastards that break ALL the rules agreed upon by other peer nations, just love eating those research whales. As a culture, they are the most self-centered and self-promoting bunch of lying sacks of shiat that has ever graced this planet. If there is a dirty deed that can advance their kind over others, they are sure to use it - with government support and encouragement. They operate on the assumption that any rule that restricts performance is void as it pertains to them. The Japanese are without honor of any kind. These are the same people that brought the world the Nanking (Nanjing) Massacre, Bataan and Corregidor, Pearl Harbor, atrocities in China, Hong Kong, Manchuria, Manila, Korea, and Vietnam to name a few. Dumped manufactured goods on the West while ignoring agreed upon trade practices forbidding such behavior. Only a fool trusts a Japanese on his word.
MrBakedDaily Today, 01:25
Humans need to eat simple as that.All you gen x kids keep eating kale.
LauraNY Today, 01:20
I will never ever going to FISH 😭
Jose Selina
Jose Selina Today, 01:18
What kind of dolphin is that?
Paddy MD91
Paddy MD91 Today, 01:11
Ich kotz im strahl, eig mag ich fisch,aber in dem maße vergeht einem alles
Mateo Campuzano
Mateo Campuzano Today, 00:13
No respect for the product. Bad quality.
Edi Mulyono
Edi Mulyono Yesterday, 23:38
Td Dt
Td Dt Yesterday, 23:01
Asians will eat anything
sean thomas
sean thomas Yesterday, 22:49
Well they have poisoned the sea with nuclear accident and now..... Omg its back to raping the sea.... Bacon flavoured whale meat and robotic fish butchering..... Irresponsible on multiple levels..... How much is the world going to fine them for these crimes? Oh yeah nothing..... I love Japanese film culture and food. Its just the way they go about it.... Just like nothings wrong with sea and surely this nation can import meat just like everyone else dose... WTF🤔
Matty Feldvari
Matty Feldvari Yesterday, 22:36
This is qhy Japanese are labeled the worst perpetrators if illegal whaling
Matty Feldvari
Matty Feldvari Yesterday, 22:30
Sustainability is out the window
Derek Yesterday, 22:18
We need whale wars back
Crowtein Yesterday, 21:11
They will kill and eat anything as long as they are told it will give them a hard on or bring them good luck, health and wealth.
AdamTheGod Yesterday, 21:08
The dolphin one that was so sad.
Leo Trammell IV
Leo Trammell IV Yesterday, 21:04
I don’t see any scientists taking notes.
Leo Trammell IV
Leo Trammell IV Yesterday, 21:01
The last hunting season in the Antarctic for Japan ran from Dec. 8 to Feb. 28. 2018. They killed 333 whales including 120 that were confirmed pregnant. Minke whale populations won’t be stable for much longer. Just another corrupt Country which will always lead back too money
Bob Watson
Bob Watson Yesterday, 21:01
Interesting video horrible music
Chris Finta
Chris Finta Yesterday, 20:45
Human kill the all animals in the world😭😭😭 before ppl fishing , hunting but only how much they need , that’s ok but now 🤷‍♂️ for what??? 2050 will every ocean 🌊 empty 00000000000. We have no respect with the Mother Earth 🌍. China the biggest problem!!!!!!!!!
Nylodale Yesterday, 20:21
Well, cut whale is certainly better than exploding whale
Loksen lin
Loksen lin Yesterday, 19:57
Боб Бобов
Боб Бобов Yesterday, 19:51
С этих ублюдков кожу так-же содрать надо и на консервы 👎
Daryl Miospa
Daryl Miospa Yesterday, 19:31
It's a killer whale.
Unlicensed Memes
Unlicensed Memes Yesterday, 19:26
You hate to see such intelligent animals killed :/
Junju Efrata
Junju Efrata Yesterday, 19:03
For the stupid people who think its a whale or dolphin, its not, because its illegal, they will not make video about it if its illegal, use your BRAINNN
Lamberto Barchiesi
Lamberto Barchiesi Yesterday, 18:57
Human is the cancer of the planet. Extinguish immediately.
JERRY WIILIARD Yesterday, 18:48
They kill everything
Anna USF
Anna USF Yesterday, 18:43
Denie Morcos
Denie Morcos Yesterday, 18:33
That's Why #Hanibal Eat Humans😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧
Step for you and finished خطوة لك وأنتهى
Step for you and finished خطوة لك وأنتهى Yesterday, 18:31
Love OK les.....n
R DLH Yesterday, 18:30
Did you know. We as people are not even supposed to eat anything anything that comes out of the water / seas or rivers, if it doesn't have SCALES. NO SCALES - DON'T EAT. It makes you sick / ill over a period of time.
FLYG CLARK Yesterday, 18:15
Y’all animal lovers always talking about how people get there food go live in there environment and see what you’ll be doing for food and money too 🤦🏽‍♂️
alex souza
alex souza Yesterday, 17:58
Povo maldito ... Eu amo a bomba de Hiroshima.
Deaman Di
Deaman Di Yesterday, 17:57
Мы блять когда увидим нормальную рыбу? А пидоры?
Padre Lau
Padre Lau Yesterday, 17:42
Que peixe é esse ?
pn pn
pn pn Yesterday, 17:33
Fuck asia
sidd bhaskar
sidd bhaskar Yesterday, 17:32
A day is come when chines people eat each other
Mr. Ris jalan jalan
Mr. Ris jalan jalan Yesterday, 17:13
C M PUNK Yesterday, 16:58
A vegan's nightmare
Zouz Zouz
Zouz Zouz Yesterday, 16:48
C'est quoi ce poisson dauphin géant ou quesque c'est vraiment les chinois mangé tout
Дима Илясов
Дима Илясов Yesterday, 16:28
С такой аппаратурной люди вообще разучатся работать
Dave Wolly
Dave Wolly Yesterday, 16:26
Do they really have to kill whales ??? Comeon JAPAN !!!! All AHOLES !!!!
BENDOLLARSIGN Yesterday, 16:17
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson Yesterday, 16:06
Is that a whale? If so why does it say fish processing??
sonle9984 Yesterday, 16:05
if i were to be an animal i don't know which is best to be on land, air or sea to not be killed and eaten by human
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson Yesterday, 16:03
What the hell is that at 5:57?
Rick Meadows
Rick Meadows Yesterday, 16:03
Vegan horror film!
Rick Meadows
Rick Meadows Yesterday, 16:00
No such thing as fresh fish unless you are on the boat!
Rick Meadows
Rick Meadows Yesterday, 15:58
They are swimming through the processing line.
Reshmidevi kuswaha
Reshmidevi kuswaha Yesterday, 15:43
Nice video💐🌺💐💐💐🌺💐💐💐💐💐
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha Yesterday, 15:40
Human are worst animals in this world killing everything for there needs