Water Bottle Mouse Trap/Best Idea Trap Easy Saving Rat/Mouse Trap Homemade/Mouse Reject

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سيف إبن الذهبية
سيف إبن الذهبية Today, 20:28
خوش صيد
سيف إبن الذهبية
سيف إبن الذهبية Today, 20:27
Adis Sulaeman
Adis Sulaeman Today, 20:23
Rizal Syaputra
Rizal Syaputra Today, 20:22
Abg bokap
horurs César
horurs César Today, 19:50
onde esse cara arruma tanto rato
mannai karim
mannai karim Today, 19:37
Tyiioooouuxioo coran
mannai karim
mannai karim Today, 19:36
Tutti Allah
Noura Alhasimi
Noura Alhasimi Today, 19:26
Raimunda Viana
Raimunda Viana Today, 19:02
Andres Gonzalez
Andres Gonzalez Today, 18:37
Casi me da un derrame cerebral esperando que reviente el globo😁
Алина Алина
Алина Алина Today, 18:36
Sim Don
Sim Don Today, 18:32
Funny when the one mouse goes to take a look and sees his mates trapped in the water his like fuck that! I ain't going back in there
Osman Sahin
Osman Sahin Today, 18:32
Bist du eingendlich total bescheuert die Mäuse haben sind auch Lebewesen
قاهر قاهر
قاهر قاهر Today, 18:14
JhOnY Hatake
JhOnY Hatake Today, 17:46
Uncle Brother
Uncle Brother Today, 17:42
Rat at 7:31 climbed the ramp and peeked in to see what all the commotion was about..... he took a quick look and said "oh hell no, I'm out of here!"
Александр Today, 17:36
Great reaction, 2 of them escaped, 1 almost. Awesome.
רמי פרץ
רמי פרץ Today, 17:32
צער בעלי חיים 🐑🐐🐐🐑
andreza mariano
andreza mariano Today, 16:55
Ronz Amoyan
Ronz Amoyan Today, 16:30
1 cat in ur house no more mouse.
jackson santos
jackson santos Today, 16:27
Tadinho dos ratinhos😪😪😪
Ana Vitória
Ana Vitória Today, 15:50
Cadê os brasileiros nos comentários kkkkkk
Escobar Escobar
Escobar Escobar Today, 15:46
Quanta crudeltà..
Salwa Azzahra
Salwa Azzahra Today, 15:43
Ternak tikus ta? Kok akeh temen tikuse
whoosef yozef
whoosef yozef Today, 15:09
how did you train your rats like this?
Majky Majk
Majky Majk Today, 14:36
LAIZA Today, 14:12
I hope YOU die slow and painfull. Animal abuser. Ps: He could also do it without the water.. why kill them.. idiot
Екатерина Иванова
Екатерина Иванова Today, 13:59
Зачем издеваться над животными, они тоже живые и жить хотят. Зачем убивать? Живодёры
Marcos Belga 3301
Marcos Belga 3301 Today, 13:50
Caramba tanto rato que parece que tem criadores
Benjamin Wild
Benjamin Wild Today, 13:38
Stirb in der Hölle du kleiner huhrensohn 😫
pegasusgalaxy68 Today, 12:47
f**king cruel son of a bitch you are...how would you like to drown you prick. Die in hell and agony limpdick c**t.
satra duran
satra duran Today, 12:31
bien mucho raton 😣😣
Fakzuala faka
Fakzuala faka Today, 12:15
Closed the godam lit
kaseko james
kaseko james Today, 12:12
Too long
Yahya Yurttaş
Yahya Yurttaş Today, 11:10
Kapri Os
Kapri Os Today, 09:52
I❤️this trap...Clever idea...Good job..👍🏽👍🏻
Emily Bailey
Emily Bailey Today, 09:05
Isn't this funny?😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 watching animals suffer? HA HA.
navarro Anyelen
navarro Anyelen Today, 08:46
Pobres ratitas seque dan asco pero no se meresen esto
Maribel Morales
Maribel Morales Today, 08:14
belinda hawkins
belinda hawkins Today, 07:31
Those r some serious rats dude
Ismael Tapia
Ismael Tapia Today, 07:31
Apuesto que todo fue planeado y las pobre murieron de porgusto
Village fisherman
Village fisherman Today, 07:21
super video
Jimmy Nguyễn
Jimmy Nguyễn Today, 07:14
He's from vietnam but u didnot note the source
Lets Go Blues!!!
Lets Go Blues!!! Today, 07:03
I completely understand you want to get rid of rodents and things like that but that just seems wrong to me. Drowning is such a shitty way to go out
مرتضى كشخه 07732097353
مرتضى كشخه 07732097353 Today, 06:50
اكو عرب بل فيدو
Ford Fanatic
Ford Fanatic Today, 05:40
Legend says they're still swimming
Sohel Nishi
Sohel Nishi Today, 05:28
Bhaire mone hoy boom futce
Stephenlalfanliana Zinhlawng
Stephenlalfanliana Zinhlawng Today, 05:23
Eduardo Macedo Barros
Eduardo Macedo Barros Today, 05:03
Olá aaa e hello