Rescue Abandoned Puppies Building Mud House Dog And Fish Pond For Red Fish

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Donna Whittaker
Donna Whittaker Today, 01:45
Those fish are lucky
Toasted Toast
Toasted Toast Today, 01:43
9:35 To all people calling this fake I have an argument. I certainly do not think that he just found them there. I think he found them elsewhere, took them there,filmed them,and made the house I think that injury cant be made my a human.Imao he found him injured/abandoned and moved them to get a nice shot
brantley warren
brantley warren Today, 01:42
Feed them and show them growing up plz
Efren Saavedra
Efren Saavedra Today, 01:25
Mataste a un pez
Jaena Lui
Jaena Lui Today, 01:19
Aww the puppies are adorable! I’m love ❤️!
Luz Fonseca
Luz Fonseca Today, 01:19
Du you like the pets ? Like yes comets no👎
duke. zion
duke. zion Today, 01:14
why is this actually kind of cool :)
Casaflia Del Cul
Casaflia Del Cul Today, 01:07
Que bonitos son los perritos😍😍😍😍🐕🐶🐩
Shelena Tate
Shelena Tate Today, 01:05
And can someone give me replays
Shelena Tate
Shelena Tate Today, 01:05
Relly give me one rite now i wold be the happiest kid in the world
Irma Alata De Alamar
Irma Alata De Alamar Today, 00:56
Sabes algo a mí no me gustan las cosas selváticas así que por favor podrías cambiar de canal podías grabar juguetes algo me parece muy bonito lo que estas que haces grabando Cómo ayudan los animales haciendo cáritas Pero por favor no estoy para ver eso
jencarlos plays
jencarlos plays Today, 00:53
sai alil
sai alil Today, 00:50
Can we get this guy on Ellen 😭😭😭
Даша Юдова
Даша Юдова Today, 00:43
Ребят за лайкаете меня чтобы иностранцы подумали что я что то умное сказала
Danelle Strong
Danelle Strong Today, 00:41
He is soo creattive
Oliver Friedman
Oliver Friedman Today, 00:39
GLORIA ALONSO Today, 00:36
Kike si cuidarlas aún perrito
bea saas
bea saas Today, 00:12
Este es el comentario en español que pusiera que es el comentario en español que ponía que querías que pusiera que es el comentario que querías que pusiera en español :v #noMasDrogas
PixieDustPink YoutubeGamer
PixieDustPink YoutubeGamer Today, 00:04
7:49 was really cool
Nasrin Ansari
Nasrin Ansari Yesterday, 23:57
Nasrin Ansari
Nasrin Ansari Yesterday, 23:56
Good job
Almeida Melo
Almeida Melo Yesterday, 23:45
Maravilha amei ❤
Juve Espinosa
Juve Espinosa Yesterday, 23:37
Que bonito 💯😲😯😮😏😊😛😋😝🤔🤗💁🙋
Jesus .guerrero123
Jesus .guerrero123 Yesterday, 23:35
Christopher McCandless
Christopher McCandless Yesterday, 23:32
11:05 beautiful mate
Man I’m just asking can I buy one of those dogs from you
Emmanuel Sanchez Chavez
Emmanuel Sanchez Chavez Yesterday, 23:18
Otavio Rodrigues
Otavio Rodrigues Yesterday, 23:15
Dilan Toro
Dilan Toro Yesterday, 23:14
Todd Miller
Todd Miller Yesterday, 23:13
Poor things
Chloe Donaldson
Chloe Donaldson Yesterday, 23:11
You are lovely
Evisquisss _28
Evisquisss _28 Yesterday, 22:44
Sarah Lavinia
Sarah Lavinia Yesterday, 22:38
Florian G-M
Florian G-M Yesterday, 22:29
This is so gooood die dogs is the best of the world
peckachu lord
peckachu lord Yesterday, 22:26
So kind☺️☺️
Joshua Law
Joshua Law Yesterday, 22:20
Why would people do that I mean bro abandoning puppies?!?!?! There the cutes things on earth
mar hoffman
mar hoffman Yesterday, 22:19
Cecilia Torres
Cecilia Torres Yesterday, 22:18
mousumi saha
mousumi saha Yesterday, 22:15
So cute puppy's
JeweledAnt497 Yesterday, 22:13
Is so cuttie <3 😍
Javier Grefa
Javier Grefa Yesterday, 22:13
Yo tengo un perrito asi
Gloria Pineda
Gloria Pineda Yesterday, 22:13
Deberia de construir su casa serca de la de los perritos para cuidarlo
Itallo Silva
Itallo Silva Yesterday, 22:12
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 que triste 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
evlin siregar
evlin siregar Yesterday, 22:11
gila, kreatif banget ni anak. suka bangetttt unchhh
Consuelo Ordonez
Consuelo Ordonez Yesterday, 21:59
łukasz Wilczkowski
łukasz Wilczkowski Yesterday, 21:50
Wow!! Kto z Polski??
Aiden Gaming
Aiden Gaming Yesterday, 21:50
samantha porter
samantha porter Yesterday, 21:44
How do you do it
ian chen
ian chen Yesterday, 21:42
I love the dog 😍
Loubna Loubna
Loubna Loubna Yesterday, 21:39