Пума в душе. Уход за шерстью Месси.

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Viola Sobieski
Viola Sobieski Today, 01:29
Someone is very, very well behaved hey!!
kimschubert61 Today, 01:14
Such a beautiful animal!
SkyPex Today, 00:44
Only in Russia
MARKO W. Today, 00:23
hell nah mothrfucker crazy asl i hear him growling shiiidddddd id stick with dogs
Abhishek S
Abhishek S Today, 00:05
good boy Messi
goddess131 Yesterday, 23:52
Messi is so cute, and he is tolerating the bath so well! Wish my cats were as calm as Messi in the bathtub.
Arthur15h Yesterday, 23:51
Why has this guy got a lion in his bath tub
OLGA RA ! Yesterday, 22:36
able75 dev
able75 dev Yesterday, 22:33
So cute and so well behaved!
Skip Ad
Skip Ad Yesterday, 22:29
So beautiful. She has the sweetest face.
R6-D2 Yesterday, 22:24
I too had a Cougar when I was younger. She was 20 years older than me.
CAPTAIN THAILAND Yesterday, 22:16
Lynsey Marron Camille
Lynsey Marron Camille Yesterday, 22:07
Beautiful cougar
Un Young one
Un Young one Yesterday, 22:06
We love you Messi
Robert Draxel
Robert Draxel Yesterday, 21:48
that cat can kill a man in 2 minutes
Bálint Bacskai
Bálint Bacskai Yesterday, 21:38
typical russians....
Asher Craig
Asher Craig Yesterday, 21:35
do you have a video of him or her eating?
FatAssNibba Yesterday, 21:33
Meanwhile in Russia...
Asher Craig
Asher Craig Yesterday, 21:31
Does this cat ever get upset, you are doing a great job he was fairly dirty, this is a wild Cat!
Asher Craig
Asher Craig Yesterday, 21:24
What a fantastically beautiful creature
marianito1968 Yesterday, 21:20
first come first,way u have a PUMA in your house??????
Nathan Kessler
Nathan Kessler Yesterday, 21:17
Of course this guy's Russian lol
Okiedog1 Yesterday, 21:15
Wow. Im so amazed by how tame he is.
Luisa Herrera
Luisa Herrera Yesterday, 21:08
me alegro que lo cuiden responsablemente :D
Alex Dobre
Alex Dobre Yesterday, 21:06
A different story when she scratches you cause of playing behavior
Вета Вовина
Вета Вовина Yesterday, 21:01
А Месси кастрирован?
Ezerior Yesterday, 20:58
ля Барсик вымахал
olteanu alexandru
olteanu alexandru Yesterday, 20:54
i can belive that a wild animal can be so atached to a man
Evan Whitehead
Evan Whitehead Yesterday, 20:45
Nice, we'll soon be seeing to the censored liveleak video when this wild animal gets angry and clamps on to you or your loved ones neck. Then they'll have to put the animal down because of this stupidity.
borninkaraj Yesterday, 20:18
I want to see the video messi being a wild animal thats is and tears the shit of the owner.
Camille Bossard
Camille Bossard Yesterday, 20:13
Dark Phoenix
Dark Phoenix Yesterday, 20:09
what a beautiful cat.
Prodigy Evan
Prodigy Evan Yesterday, 20:00
of course its only the Russians i'm not surprised
Simba Leon
Simba Leon Yesterday, 19:52
Hermoso puma😍🐯
Sherief Shawky
Sherief Shawky Yesterday, 19:43
This is how a cat would look like if it got as big as a dog :D
RefillGuy Yesterday, 19:38
Не лезь, она тебя сожрет!!!
James McIvor
James McIvor Yesterday, 19:30
Why do you have a puma in your house?
조성래 Yesterday, 19:29
와 얌전한거봐 눈빛도 너무 순한대?
Admin LawRance
Admin LawRance Yesterday, 19:28
Omg beautiful Wow
TheNDex Yesterday, 19:08
Such a beautifu majestic creature!
Antonio Vidal
Antonio Vidal Yesterday, 19:03
Jaideep Bura
Jaideep Bura Yesterday, 18:44
Lol my dyslexia literally made me think this video was Leo Messi giving a bath to a cougar...
Gojiralover 1954
Gojiralover 1954 Yesterday, 18:42
It's amazing how mountain lions look like a giant house cat
Clever Fox
Clever Fox Yesterday, 18:38
Бедный папа! Спина не разгибается, так понимаю! Как после большой стирки
ilhan arman
ilhan arman Yesterday, 18:37
kendi zevkin için bir hayvanı tutsak edemezsin !
Virtuoso80 Yesterday, 16:54
I relate to the cougar, because I have no idea what he's saying either.
Original American
Original American Yesterday, 16:51
Dis just normal Russian house kitty.
:D Yesterday, 16:38
Oh look a cat bath with baby johnson.. oh wait
Alex Fischer
Alex Fischer Yesterday, 16:12
Он отомстит.
Jayakailash Menon
Jayakailash Menon Yesterday, 16:06
How many came here thinking Lionel Messi was bathing his pet cougar?